Equipped with specialized cutting dies and tools for high precision output, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and a relentless penchant for perfection, Ganesh Corporation has developed innovative products for Plastic and Rubber extrusion industries.

Owing to an extensive range of ready-to-use Stainless Steel Woven Wire Mesh Filters (Extruder Screens) with 304 L (Low Carbon) grade in a wide range of sizes  (4 Mesh to 1500 Mesh) and a comprehensive import raw material inventory that enables quick deliveries and prompt  services - Ganesh Corporation has evolved into a market leader.
SS Wire Mesh Rolls 304 L & 316 L grade Dutch Weave Mesh Round, Square, Rectangle
SS Wire Mesh Cut Filters, Round, Square, Twilled Weave Reversibel Screen Belt (Filter Band)
  Oval, Rectangle Hopper Magnet Round, Square or with Center Hole
Sandwich Type Round Filter Packs Nichrome Wire & Strips
Sandwich Type Candle Filter Packs  
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